About Obesity Platform Belgium

Obesity Platform Belgium is a new policy oriented Platform with the aim to build bridges from the scientific community with patients, industry partners and policy makers.

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Mission & vision:

The Obesity Platform Belgium wants to provide a joint answer to the many challenges regarding the obesity care in Belgium and translate these into action points for policymakers. The vision: The Platform stimulates the cooperation of a diverse group of experts in the field of obesity in order to achieve effective obesity policies and, hence, lead to better care and improved health outcomes for people living with obesity in Belgium. The mission: The mission of the Platform is to support policymakers to improve access to evidence-based and structured care in a cost-effective manner, and to raise the standards of quality care. The Platform wants to eliminate obesity-related prejudices and stigmas and wants to inform policymakers and other actors about the nature of the disease and its treatment methods. It is through this change in narrative that people living with obesity may gain access to the same medically necessary and covered care that is offered to others who suffer from chronic diseases.

Why now?

Obesity has been earmarked as a health care priority to work on in 2022-2024. This is an important signal from the Federal Minister of Public Health Mr. Frank Vandenbroucke and the RIZIV/INAMI, the Belgian institute for health and disability Insurance. This creates a unique momentum for a coalition of Belgian obesity experts, pleading for a care path that focuses on accessible and efficient obesity care. The right care should be given at the right time and adapted to every individual’s needs. The exceptional collaboration, coming from different perspectives within the Platform, has one main purpose: to provide solutions to the many challenges surrounding effective obesity care.

Steering Committee

Voting Members

  • Bart Van der Schueren – chair (BASO) 
  • Inge Gies – co-chair (BASO) 
  • Matthias Lannoo – (BASO) 

Roland Devliegher (BASO) 
Stefan Teughels (BASO) 
Denis Pitot (BESOMS liaison) 
Ines Van Houtte (BASO Patient Council)  

Non-voting Members

Novo Nordisk 



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