The Belgian Association for the Study of Obesity (BASO)

BASO is the principal obesity organization in Belgium and is a Full Member of World Obesity Federation.

BASO wants to promote interdisciplinary cooperation in the treatment of obesity and encourages health professionals and scientists of different disciplines to become a member of BASO.

BASO aims to facilitate communication between individuals and organisations and encourages every initiative to counter the obesity epidemic.

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ObesityWeek 2023

October 14, 2023 

- October 17, 2023

This year the ObesityWeek organized by the obesity society (TOS) will take place in Dallas, Texas from October 14th until october 17...

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Free Science Communication Meeting 2023

December 8, 2023 

- December 8, 2023

Mark your calendars! The Belgian Association for the Study of Obesity is organizing a free Science Communication Meeting on 08/12/2023 at VUB (Auditorium Kiekens, UZBrussel) in Belgium. This gathering will spotlight the latest developments in obesity science, including monogenic obesity. It will cover everything from research and clinical applications to public policy. The comprehensive program will address diverse aspects of obesity management, such as psychological and lifestyle interventions, pharmacological and surgical treatments, and special focus areas like pediatrics, geriatrics, and underserved populations. Join us to advance your knowledge and enhance obesity management in your patients. Stay tuned for more information about abstract submissions and the detailed scientific program. #BelgiumObesityScience #ScienceMeeting

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